International Communication (la falta de..)

So the most frustrating thing so far has been the lack of communication I have been getting from my program abroad as well as here at home. I still don’t know anything about when I should arrive and if I arrive late what that will do. I’m currently emailing my “host” coordinator (the one in Nica) to see what will happen if I buy the plane ticket that gets in at midnight of the 2nd/3rd. And then I know nothing about a host family or who exactly to send information to (their website sucks). And I’d really like to know what classes are offered. But I have heard nothing about any of it, not even a welcome to the University, which is a bit disconcerting knowing that other friends of mine who are going abroad have gotten everything pretty much planned out. At least I know Maria is in the same boat.

Maria is another student at UVM with me. She lived across the hall my freshman year, and is great & I’m really excited she’ll be there with me. O, and she’s from Minnesotta and will tell you about it any time it is remotely mentioned. 🙂

But I’m getting really excited to go. I’m looking forward to all the fun things I can do and all the people I will meet and learning and listening in Spanish! And really nervous about all of those too. But it looks beautiful..although my travel book pretty much says to pass over Managua. hmm.

The beach. yay.


*Another thing to do: Take better photographs of Nica.


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