Huzzah! Answers!

Finally made contact with my ISEP host coordinator. This is what she said:

It’s ok if you come in late on the 2nd of August. We will be sending you someone to pick you up at the airport and take you to the place you will be living.

Right now where are checking the availability of apartments and host families so I will be sending you a couple of choices on next Friday or next Monday, as soon as I know for sure if we have apartments available next semester. I will be sending you all the information that you need before you come here as well.

Along with a bunch of other things, but more information soon! wahoo!

Upon receiving this, I called Maria so we could better plan our trip there and back together. Her flight from Minnesota to Nica would have been expensive, so she’s going to look into coming to NY first so we could do the whole trip together – this will make my parents feel way better, especially since we’d be getting in at 12:05AM on the 3rd.

I’m getting to the point where my nerves are being overcome by excitement and planning rather than being nervous about not coming to school in the fall and leaving behind everyone for 4.5 months. The only thing right now that is bothering me is what classes I’m going to take and what could transfer… I really don’t want to be “wasting” a semester. But we’re moving forward, huzzah!


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