Plane Ticket: Check

I just bought my plane ticket! I’ve been stalling and not buying it so I could be on the same plane as Maria, but I gave in when I saw there were only 5 tickets left at the low price.. So it’s all done and confirmed. I will be leaving Sunday, August 1st at 6:50AM (ugh) and arriving in Managua the same day. Sure beats coming in at midnight of the 2nd/morning of the 3rd! Thank you Orbitz!

I will be flying from LGA to Houston to Managua with an 8 hour layover (gross!) in between. But I got my ticket for under $500 though, so I am not going to complain too much. That was about how long I had to wait in JFK for my transfer to Madrid for my freshman spring break to go visit a friend who was taking a gap year there. I am reminding myself now to bring movies. Considering buying these/getting them from home to freshen up my Spanish!

Any other suggestions would be fantastic.

These are all great. I suggest you watch them if you haven’t.

One step closer to actually going! Only ~33 days, 21 hours until I am there (yes, I have a countdown on my computer.)


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