The possibility of classes

The one scary thing about going abroad is not knowing if anything will count and transfer. One of my good friends from high school is transferring to UVM and all of her credits count! Now, this is an anomaly, seeing as most people don’t have that great of a time with transfer affairs, especially those who go to other countries with study abroad. At our study abroad pre-departure orientation (some of which was a joke, half of which was helpful) they put us into groups by where we were going, so I was with the South America/Latin America group. One of the students who had been to Costa Rica through ISEP had all of her credits transfer (that’s why I wanted to go there!!) but no one in the history of UVM’s study abroad has gone to UAM. This means that I have to bring every little bit of information about the classes I take back. Gross. Who wants to bring binders full of papers home, especially since I lose 95% of everything I own at least once. Yes, including my keys.

But one of the emails I got from my host coordinator told me to go look at classes that are offered during the “even” semesters. Even semesters are their “spring” semesters, so even though I’m going in the fall, I’m coming for the second portion of their year. But even though I can look, I have no idea what I’ll be able to take!! So looking through their classes, I’ve picked some that I want to take and some that I think will count for something.

  • Historia de Nicaragua y CentroAmerica (Hopefully this would count towards a spanish credit)
  • Color, Textura, y Composicion -or- Fotografia Publicitara (Art classes! I can’t take these at UVM because you have to be an art major or minor…which leaves all those people who love art but aren’t very good at it SOL)
  • IT & International Development
  • Trade, Environment, & Development (This and the class before are part of their College of University Studies in English or CUSE, so they would be in English but they are perfect for my major. Let’s hope I can take these!)
  • Anything else. They have a lot to offer but most are pre-professional tracks, so classes like Pobreza y Desarrollo en America Latina (Poverty and Development in Latin America) which are offered for the last semester of those in International Relations majors would be sweet but I feel I wouldn’t be able to keep up Spanish wise. They also have classes on Environment and Sustainability which would be cool to take, but I’d like to get at least two classes for Spanish so I can actually have a minor.

If you want to have a gander yourself, you can go here and check out all the classes by clicking on the major, then the “plan de estudio,” although the whole site is in Spanish so if you aren’t comfortable or don’t know Spanish I’d have a dictionary or translation book nearby.


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