The Managua Heat

Managua – The Place to Live… or Maybe Not | The Nicaragua Gringo.

Hmm. It will be interesting to see how I hold up against this heat. Coming from Vermont, where the weather is sporadic and ranges from below 0 degrees F in the winter to recently over 90F in the summer could be an interesting set up (I prefer to be cold).

That being said, it is not customary to wear shorts at any time besides working out or being at the beach. I live in shorts over the summer… I’m currently wearing a pair.

My Nicaragua Guide To Study Abroad says this about clothing:

¿Qué necesito llevar?

La ropa suelta y ligera es lo que mejor combina con el clima nicaragüense, cálido y húmedo. Los estudiantes usualmente visten pantalones tipo jeans con camisas o blusas de algodón. Se recomiendan los trajes de algodón, alguna ropa de abrigo liviana para las noches más frescas y las excursiones a volcanes o montañas, y algo de ropa que se seque rápidamente por si llueve repentinamente.

Essentially it says it’s hot and humid, and that students usually wear jeans and a cotton shirt. It also notes to bring a change of clothes with you, as it rains repeatedly. I’m definitely bringing a rain coat.

Raining in Leon; follow click through link for Brie's blog

Check here to see the average temperatures for Nica.

Otherwise, I haven’t started packing at all. I have a measly list of what to bring, but I’m waiting until I move out of my apartment in Burlington to go back home to pack. So much to do! In two weeks I will be in Managua!


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