First Night in Managua

Maria and I have arrived! After a long day of traveling I am definitely ready for bed. I got up at 4AM from Andrew’s sisters, and he drove me to the airport. After hopping on the plane, it took around 3 hours to get to Houston, where I had a very tedious 8 hour layover. Maria joined me there though and then we waited to board the plane to Managua. After watching the new Jennifer Aniston movie (Maria says it was called Bounty Hunter…? Obviously I was paying attention) we watched for city lights out the windows. We arrived, went through customs (a joke) and waited for our bags. After collecting those, Manuel picked us up (he was our lovely driver) and took us to our host family’s home (Ena is our “host big sister”…she can’t be over 30). Manuel chatted us up about Managua and Santo Domingo, the festival that is going on right now to celebrate Managua’s patron saint. To be honest, I read up on this and is the only reason I know much about it. Otherwise, he chatted and I was pretty much shell shocked and could only answer “ok” or in simple Spanish. We arrived, and now are in our shared room. Pictures later, sleep now. Just letting everyone know I didn’t die.


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