ISEP Orientation

So today was orientation. Maria and I got up early and had breakfast (corn flakes!) and got a ride with our driver (I forgot his name…!) to UAM (pronounced wahm). It’s nice’ they have lots of outdoor areas and the buildings are sectioned off by letters so it should be relatively easy to find classes. We met the other people in our ISEP exchange; there are 6 of us total, 3 from Nebraska, Maria and I and one from New Orleans, and we’re all girls. One of them said she heard there might be exchange students from Switzerland, so that would be cool. Otherwise, we registered as students, tried to register for classes but everything was full so I think our Coordinator is going to pull some strings for us. We took a quick (as in barely saw anything 5 minute tour) and then talked about how we get a ride to and from campus once everyday.

I’ll have pictures soon. So far Maria and I haven’t really done much, we don’t know what we can do or where to go, however we need to buy things for school, so we are possibly going to meet the other girls and do that tomorrow. Tonight we are going to go to some broadway show with our “host mom” who is only 34 so it’s weird calling her that and she will therefore be “host older sister.” She has two sons, 8 and 6, called Denis and Jose. Jose is crazy and I’ve nick named him Monito (“little monkey”). Denis is smart and likes to hang out and play soccer or Wii. They are patient with my horrible Spanish, which is good. 🙂


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