La Musica de Broadway and Day 3

Last night Maria and I went with Ena and the two boys and Ena’s mom to El Teatro Nacional de Ruben Dario (or, in English, The National Theater of Ruben Dario). Ruben Dario is the most famous poet from Nicaragua. We learned about him in my Spanish 140 (Intro to Span. Literature) class last semester at UVM. He writes some pretty good stuff. Anyways, there is this and a rotunda among other things named after him. The theater is HUGE, on the outside anyways. There are huge white pillars on the outside and once you go in it is like a typical theater with high rise boxes and red velvety seats.

The orchestra played both the US national anthem and the Nicaraguan anthem (which is quite pretty) and then the orchestra played things from Oklahoma! and Grease and Sound of Music and West Side Story, among others. The man next to me was getting a kick out of it. The two boys fell asleep. I have video and more pictures, but it takes a ridiculously long time to upload these things.

Afterwards, we went to a place called “Woody’s” and got some food: nachos con guac, fries and wings (not for me!). Ena was wondering what the word for woodpecker was in English, and then finally understood the name. Maria and I are going to talk in English with her some days, because it is her goal to pass her English exams by the end of the year! Hopefully everyone will improve their second language!

Also, today we exchanged money at the supermarket across the street. It’s super cool looking! The exchange rate is about 21CRD to 1USD…which is insane. For example, I traded in $60 and got C$1,285.xx back…ACK! So I bought shampoo and conditioner, which cost me C$50, which is about USD$2.50. We meandered a bit but there isn’t much in the area…there are a lot of run down houses and venders, and a lot of stray dogs. But now that we have money, we can get a cab and go shop for school supplies!


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