Restaurants, Mountains, School!

So for the weekend Maria and I went with Ena and Jose to Somoto in Northern Nicaragua. Ena grew up there and her parents are there. Her family is great, and their house is gorgeous and very large.

The view from the Toledo house's patio

We did a lot of nothing, but got to walk around the town which reminded me a bit of Cuenca in Ecuador, with people selling things on the streets and stores being right along side them. There was a lot of playing with Jose and watching Law and Order.

But on Sunday we went to lunch in Ocotal at the Restaurante Macdougla …or something like that, that was nested on the side of a road. We were right next to a big river!

Before this weekend, however, we went to the mall and watched the Karate Kid (in English w/ Spanish subtitles) and Friday went to eat dinner with the other exchange students at a seafood restaurant. But, Maria and I have our first class in an hour! It’s Global Economic Geography, in English (thank god, I don’t know if I could understand that topic in Spanish yet..) so we’ll see how that goes.


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