History, Art, Spanish and Economics

So it’s Friday and I’ve finally had all of my classes. They are as follows:

  • Global Economic Geography
  • Historia de Nicaragua y Central America
  • Color, Textura y Composicion
  • International Economics
  • Sociologia

So 5 classes, 3 in Spanish, 2 in English. I’m trying to decide if I want to drop the Soc. class, it doesn’t really count for anything and everyone else is only taking 4 classes. But being busy with class is nice and distracting from the fact that Maria and I haven’t really been up to much.

Global Economic Geog. is so far interesting; my professor lived in California for a long time and graduated from University there. He talks about how we won’t discuss “politics, religion, or sports” in the classroom, however he has pointed out that he is a Republican, likes FOX news, thinks all democrats cheat on their wives and evade taxes, and has related God to being the top all-mighty force that the rest of us work and hold up (….yeah, I know.) But the topic should be interesting, and hopefully it will count towards my major. International Economics I’ve only had once (last night) and we won’t get the book for awhile. The professor however, is a woman and seems very smart (She went to DUKE). She plans to make the class interesting (let’s hope so.) However these two classes pretty much have the same students in them which is nice, as hopefully I can make friends!… haha

Art has been good, its the only class I have today. Our homework was to take pictures and bring them into class on our cameras! Huzzah! The only problem I foresee is understanding what is going on… my lack of vocab might kick me in the butt on this. But we are graded on four projects, one being making a children’s book, which should be good.

History is history. And the professor is hard to understand. And it’s in Spanish. Enough said. And Soc. is sociology. Which I might drop.

What is weird here is that the classes are tiny. I mean ALL are under 20 people, most usually only have 15. I’m not used to that; it feels very high school. For reference, at UVM there are some classes like that (..cough HCol cough) but not too many. Most are pretty big until you get into higher up studies in your major. And it is very high school at UAM. I mean clicks and staring and ughh. But I guess we’ll just see how it goes. Otherwise I’m just hating on the mosquitos and the humidity.


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