Saturday afternoon Maria and I hitched a ride to La UCA (another university) where there are many buses that run all over the country. We paid 20 Cords (US$1…!) to go to Granada, which is about 45 minutes away by car. By bus, however, is a different story. It took us 1.5 hours because the buses stop every kilometer or so to pick up people on the already crowded bus! People stand, hop on, hop off, and hang out the doors to get to where they are going. It is by far the cheapest transportation we have found by far.

It was actually kind of fun to see all of the different places and people that come with public transit. We made it to Granada in contact, no stolen bags or money, and went to meet our other ISEP friend Karla who’s family lives there. This weekend in Granada was the Hipicas, which is a grand festival celebrating the city and there was a parade on Sat. night after we got there, and Sunday day. I don’t have pictures from the night, because I didn’t want to bring my camera, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE. I’m stealing the one below from Karla.

Dancing Boy

First night parade

It was fun to go out and get food on a street just like Church Street in Burlington. We ate outside (which brings along lots of people asking you to buy stuff) but we got to watch the parade pass as well.

On Sunday, we spent the day moseying about Granada and hanging out with Karla’s family. We went up the bell tower of the Cathedral that Granada in known for. It was awesome to see the city from above. It reminds me a lot of Cuenca in Ecuador (which I know I’ve said before, but even more so then Somoto).

View going up

It was super high up and a bit scary when you looked down and there was only so much on the stairs, however Maria got over her fear of heights and we all made it up top!

Me, Maria, Karla

Thanks to the random Canadian tourists we kept seeing for taking the photo!

The Cathedral from the Ground

Large View of Granada

Then there were the Hipicas, which is really a parade of horses. It was fun, but we left after a bit because Karla’s aunt dropped or had her purse stolen…no fun.

Hipocas in Granada

Later that night, we got pizza and waited for the rest of the ISEP girls to come meet up with us. We went out to a cafe for dancing and music, which was fun, and we met Bill’s friends Gloria and Abraham, who are great (Bill is a friend of the other girls; B’s friend from home came here last semester and met Bill, so mutual friends, yada yada). Then we returned to Managua, class this week and going to watch a soccer game on Wednesday!


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