We made friends! “Yes”-Maria

I know it’s a weird concept to state, but going abroad is like coming to college for the first time x 1000 because 1. you are not living with people from the school so you don’t have constant contact with people, 2. they all speak a different language, and 3. they all are ridiculously wary of you and it takes forever for them to warm up (especially the girls).

For example, I have GEG and Int. Econ with the exact same kids, so I see them 4 days a week for 2 hours a day. Last night was the first time we conversed about things in a friendly fashion. Hooray!

However, when we were in Granada last weekend we met Abraham who is friends with the other exchanges students friend Bill. Abraham then introduced us to his friends and we all get along really well so we have been hanging out – which means no more just sitting around the house (and no more taxis and no more getting ripped off!)

Not much happening this week, just school and hanging out; you know, typical college style. Possible excursions this weekend…not sure, more updates later.


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