We Are Definitely Not in VT Anymore…

This past week has flown by. From classes to going out to meeting tons of new people, it was the make/break week and it passed with flying colors. We got to just hang out on Saturday which was very much needed until we went out later with the ISEP girls and some of our new found friends. The best part of the weekend, however, was getting up early yesterday and catching a bus with our friend Abraham to go hike up Volcan Masaya! It cost each of us C$10 cords to get from my host family’s house to the volcano, and about $5 USD to get into the park. We started hiking up the road that most people drive due to a lack of a car. This would initially sound easy to those who live in places where hiking is pretty relevant (cough VT) however with the heat, humidity and the fact that it was 6km to the top was a little extreme after only running on 6 hours of sleep.

Luckily, by some stroke of luck, Abrham’s friends from Germany/Switzerland were going to the volcano and picked us up on their way. Max and Sophie are brother and sister, and Gabriel is the one from Switzerland. The car was packed with other hitchhikers as well, and they were all speaking in German! It was crazy but so nice not to have to hike all the way up. After that we got to see the smoking volcano which was awesome, as you can see from the pictures… (there are more on Facebook, if you’re interested…and maybe Flickr if they load.)

"The Devil's Mouth"

Abraham, Me and Maria

We all then piled back into Max’s car (minus the other hitchhikers, so we actually kind of fit) and they decided they wanted to go swimming, so we headed out to Laguna Apoyo to go swimming. It is soo gorgeous there. It’s an old volcano crater filled with water. We took a crazy road to a place to eat, as there was construction going on, and got to jump off a dock and just hang out. It was fun getting to know one another, and having to explain where Vermont is (like usual) and learning about where they come from. Gabriel can speak 5 languages, Sophie is a graphic design major, and Max is …. haha just Max.

Laguna Apoyo

Abraham on the pier

Later we went to go watch some soccer and then went out to meet those three at TGI Fridays, where we all got desert. Definitely the best day so far. 🙂


2 thoughts on “We Are Definitely Not in VT Anymore…

  1. Hey Alyssa,

    Glad your enjoying yourself. Pictures look great. Jealous of all the traveling you are doing. Talk soon.


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