Rain Rain, Everyday

Nothing quite new and exciting to report. Have just been doing homework and hanging out with friends – nothing too terribly thrilling. We did go to Max and Sophie’s on Friday night and got to see where their parent’s lived, which was really nice. Also went to the mall to buy new shoes (mine are falling apart, as usual) and we saw some strange show of macho men and woman competing in tiny little bathing suits and is scared me and Maria… I would show you but I had forgotten my camera.

Besides that, only funny things like the top of the red pepper coming off and falling all over my pizza and trying to make cookies but failing to even get started & such have happened. We kept a low profile this weekend, watching movies and TV shows. We also went to the German-Nicaraguan School’s festival yesterday, which was fun to see, but it started to pour so we left before the soccer game was done. It rains a bunch here. And I mean, I knoww that it’s the rainy season, but still. It POURED yesterday for most of the day…like my clothes are sopping. Haha 🙂

And all of our friends have headed back to school at Ave Maria, & I don’t know what we are going to do without them!

Off to go do homework and see if I can find things to make my art project …which is due tomorrow…


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