One Month Down!

I can’t believe I’ve been here for one full month… 31 days! The past couple weeks have flown by, and its weird to think that I haven’t always been here. I know that’s weird to say, but setting up camp in a new life and trying to adapt is easier when you jump fully into it, which I didn’t do the first week and a half.

7 of us packing into Bill's tiny car

Now that I have, it’s easier to make plans and not worry about what my friends at home are doing. Not that I don’t want to know what they are all up to..I would love to keep up with them everyday and they all know I miss them a ton and would love to be with them, but now that I have my own friends here it’s easier to not be jealous of all the fun I know they are having because I’m having fun too!

Besides my friends and family, I really miss vegetarian food. Seriously, I’ve been craving food all day (like tofu parm, and stir fry…ack!) Maria and I really want to go to TGI Fridays tomorrow for happy hour and mozzarella sticks, as Maria puts it: “TGI Fridays is like anything addictive for Americans abroad.” haha 🙂

L, me and Maria

Otherwise, I had an art project due today, which I had to present in Spanish! I forgot to take pictures … but it was about color degradation and such. My International Economics had a presentation and we did really well…a 95! And I had my GEG presentation yesterday…hopefully that went well. So things are picking up in the school department… which is both good and bad.

Otherwise today it POURED and driving home was like driving through a lake. Our driver had to find another way around it! O, and driving here is a joke. I can’t believe I haven’t said anything about it yet. First off, there are no rules, you just drive all crazy. There is a lot of beeping and going when a yellow light blinks. I mean, I drove Abraham’s car because he couldn’t believe I drive stick, but it was at night with no one around driving all those drunk kids home.

Hmm other random musings:

  • mosquitos really are the devil, and they love me. I’ve never had so many bug bites in my life.
  • If you ever come to Nicaragua, make sure you bring extra clothes if you plan on taking a taxi…it is SO humid and hot you will sweat through the ones you are wearing, and if you are going to school, you don’t want to be in those!
  • Taxis WILL rip you off, especially radio ones, so make sure you barter them down when you can.
  • I haven’t been to the beach yet, so hopefully we can go this weekend
  • The girls in my class have finally opened up a bit! Hooray!
  • UAM is the most ridiculous University; I’m glad I go to UVM.

On to the next month! Hellllllooo September.


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