A Tid Bit about UAM

Universidad Americana//UAM.

This is where I am studying, learning the language, and cohabiting with other students native to Nicaragua. It’s a relatively new university, being founded in 1992, and offers undergraduate degrees in fields that are more relative to professional fields (thank you wikipedia).

Managua, Nicaragua (pop. 650,000)
Student Enrollment: 2,000 (vs. UVM’s 11,382)

ISEP states this:

Universidad Americana (UAM), a private institution of higher education, was founded in 1992 by a group of university professors who shared a dedication to the development and improvement of higher education in Nicaragua. UAM’s campus is new and its installations are equipped with the most modern technology, including four computer labs. Since the university is still so young, the library collection is not extensive; the collection housed at the university is extremely up-to-date and in many ways superior to many other library collections in Nicaragua.

For all of you who want to know, the campus is TINY. I could walk across it in 3 minutes, possibly less. There are 3 main buildings for classes, with the art building (cough shack cough) hiding out in the back somewhere 🙂 Otherwise the “cafeteria/student center” is open to the outdoors which is nice, but it’s tiny..it’s so funny comparing this to UVM because it is the exact opposite.

UAM caf at night

Otherwise the English School at UAM is pretty good, but most of the students are Business majors. It’s nice to be able to talk to them in English though, when need be. Besides that, it’s a nonstop fashion show for girls here, which is a laugh coming from UVM.

O, and it’s pronounced “WAHM”.

Concrete yard and classrooms

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