Leon & the beach!

The gang

So took a little adventure to Leon this weekend! Our plan: sand-boarding and the beach (don’t get too excited, the sandboarding didn’t happen yet). We left Managua on Saturday night around 9, which was super late seeing as how we were supposed to leave at 6…o Nica time, I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to you. 6 of us piled into Abraham’s car, 4 of us girls in the back with the two boys in the front. We blasted music and the girls, to the boys horror and pained eardrums, sang to really crappy pop music… (sorry!…kind of.) After the trip, we met up with two of our other friends to go out! After the disco, we headed to the beach and got there around 230AM….in which I got to go in the Pacific Ocean for the first time! Hooray!

We were then to get up at 8AM to go sand-boarding! But we overslept. And it gets too hot to do so in the afternoon, plus it rained so it was definitely a no go. Instead, all 8 of us piled into the car for the trip to the beach outside of Leon, called Poneloya, to an island named Isla Los Brasiles! It’s deserted and we had to take a canoe to get there!

The Tipsy Canoe

We then hung out at Surfing Turtle Lodge, which was awesome! The beach was absolutely brilliant and was GORGEOUS and hot and right out of the Jungle book… It was the perfect beach day. And let me tell you, Nica has some great views:


Surfing Turtle Lodge

I have re-realized how much I love the beach, and how much I hate sand. After getting tackled once and then had wet sand thrown at me, I’m really appreciating showers.

Also, today marks 100 days left in Nica….what?! when did that happen?!??

And lastly, CONGRATULATIONS SAM & TY HATFIELD on getting married today! I’m sure it was absolutely fantastic, and I wish you both the best 🙂


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