September 6-11

Hmm what’s been going on this week. Had two tests, one in International Econ….(hah) and one in History. Intl Econ will be interesting to see, the whole class feels like they failed so that should be good (sarcasm…& having questions where choices are definitely, maybe, probably, sometimes, never, sometimes never aren’t really very good questions are they?) and history wasn’t too terrible.

From UAM to Moods... the latter prefered much more

Besides that, Maria and I went out with friends from class on Wednesday which was a lot of fun. Our class was cancelled so we got to go to one of their apartments to hang out and get ready. It was “ladies night” where we went, which was hysterical because the guys were separated from the girls by a curtain for awhile until after the dancing guys went away (they were only there for a bit, but I missed them as I was hanging out with Noel behind the curtain… no thank you to the aforementioned.)

Group Shot (the guy who took this had no idea what he was doing)

Thursday a bunch of us went to San Marcos (where Ave Maria is) to visit our friends who go there. They were having some school related party thing, but we mostly came to hang out after. Who knew we’d end up staying up until the sun came up? Not me… way too tiring. Good thing we decided to go to the Lagoon yesterday on very little hours of sleep. It was a ton of fun though, and Max met us there with some of his friends so we had a huge group and the whole place to ourselves. It was a lot of fun and it’s good to hang out with Sophie because she leaves for London on Wednesday!! 😦

The group jumping


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