Middle of a six day weekend…

Tuesday and Wednesday are Nicaraguan Independence Days, so we get those off from school. Which means that today no one actually goes to class. Which means that last friday (see last post about Apoyo) was the beginning of a six day weekend! Hooray!

Group shot #502

So Saturday night Sophie, Marcel, Maria, Armando, Abraham, Christian and I went to Granada to visit and hang out with Karla. We got to hang out at her house and then go explore Granada at night. We hung out and had drinks at a bar on the street with most of the night life in Granada, then wandered over to the another one that had live music. It was a lot of fun but waaay too hot (like usual…like it is right now…90 degrees and humid). The next day we wandered about a bit then headed home. We hung out at Max and Sophie’s and swam in their pool and played card games, Pictionary in German and poker (which i won 🙂 )

Soph, Marcel and Karla looking down from the Catedral tower

Today we went to the Sandino statue for a bit just to get out of the house. Pictures are below. We got to see old pictures of Managua, and wow the earthquake totally ruined it.

Sandino Statue

Old Managua


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