Sophie left and now we’re all depressed.

So the monday-tuesday-wednesday of our week consisted of going to Hipa monday night after waiting at Gale for two hours for our really dumb friends to get there so we could eat; making cookies; throwing a party that wasn’t a surprise; seeing SALT; going to an indian food/hookah place; getting mexican food and going to school today.

Blowing up balloons for the "surprise"

So, first, trying to make cookies. See trying. Our host mom peaced out for Miami for the week without telling us, leaving us home alone in the house. We needed to make cookies for Max and Sophie because we promised probably within the first week of meeting them. So we started. I left Maria and Karla in the kitchen to turn the oven on. Next thing I know, I hear a huge BOOM like they knocked the oven over. Turns out they ignited the oven with the door open, creating a huge fireball that burned the hair off Karla’s arms and made Maria’s eyelashes turn white. Super safe. But the cookies were good (choco chip with snickers pieces!!)

maria being nervous opening the oven

We then progressed to going to Max’s friend’s Steven’s house to throw Sophie her surprise party. Good thing she showed up with her brother carrying speakers…so much for a surprise. But it was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone and spend time with Soph before she left… sigh. We miss you!

M, me, S, K, y B!

Wednesday we went to see Salt which stars Angelina Jolie, which was super good and then went to an Indian restaurant/bar and guess what…They have vegetarian food!! Like falafel. I was really really happy. Then we went to go get food at a Mexican restaurant and guess what…They had vegetarian food as well! WOOO I’m really excited guys, if you couldn’t tell 🙂

And then there was school today, where we got our history tests back and heard about our Int’l Econ exams. First one good, second one was said to be bad, but no one knows yet (although everyone in that class will tell you we all failed…whoops).


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