Home Life

My friends at home have forgotten me and refuse to:

  1. Video Chat me. I have not video chatted WITH ANY ONE of them except hannah. sad… but mad props to han.
  2. show me their new ink (OLIVIA!!)
  3. keep me updated on their lives. hellloooo you read about mine here, I want to know about yours, even gross details like school (which I miss because UAM so far is a joke).
  4. tell me anything. I want to see your lovely apartments and faces and hear about cold weather and live vicariously through you when you have pumpkin ice cream.

Things I am missing that apparently only reside stateside:

  1. Washer and dryers. Believe me, hand washing is fun and all, but hang drying my clothes has proven to be ineffectual at, well, drying and also shrinking my clothing back to it’s normal size. All my clothes look they were worn by muscle men and my jeans can be pulled off without unbuttoning….
  2. Tofu. Enough said.
  3. Dependable water. I would really enjoy taking a shower right now, yet there is no water and has been none all day. Awesome. The hottest days here and no way of not sticking to my clothing.
  4. Making my own food and not getting ripped off. This possibly has a fix, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it…. Apparently my host family thinks I’m dumb. Not really the case, but I don’t really know how to tell her without making her mad.
  5. My car. I miss driving.

Besides these minor details, still loving Nicaragua and everyone here. I can’t believe we’re half way through September…it seems like yesterday when I wrote the post about only spending a month here. Time flies! If you are planning on going abroad make sure you do everything you can starting at the beginning!

Miss all of you back home and hope you are enjoying some of that cold weather! 🙂


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