Buses, Birthdays, Hanging Out

First, I just want to let you know that riding the bus in Nicaragua is one of the best times to speak Spanish. Seriously. You get to talk to the locals sitting next to you, and then get to yell at the driver when he doesn’t stop at your stop. Maria and I have been enjoying getting around on these to go to the grocery store and the like. It is WAY WAY cheaper than a taxi.. it’s like 5Cords to go down the road compared to like…50. (Don’t worry parents, everything is fine)

Friday afternoon Maria and I were just hanging out in our room when we get a call from some unknown number. Turns out my art class was going to an art gallery and, knowing me, I had no idea, so it was a good thing that the girls from my class called for me to go meet at their house. Too bad our driver doesn’t know that area, but I met up with Ruth and Alejandra and we went to the gallery. A bunch of kids from the Visual Design major were there, including a bunch I didn’t know from other classes. I love this class because no one talks to me in English unless I really don’t understand 🙂


Afterwards, the girls made me promise to meet them at Gale for food before going to Hipa, but really, “en serio.” So I brought Maria out with us, and it was a blast. I had so much fun with them!

Color textura y composicion ... not in class

Saturday was another day of just hanging out. The rain really prevented us from doing a bunch, as we wanted to go to Mombacho, but rain+hiking=not the best decision. So instead we did a lot of really random stuff, like going to get ice cream and then going to a friend’s friends house, then went to our friend’s Armando and Christian’s house and had Yuca in some sweet syrup after getting made fun of for our Spanish…and then we went to Granada to meet B & L but they actually were in Managua so we took Karla out so she would stop studying for her LSAT for a bit. THEN we went to a karaoke bar for some other friend of a friend’s birthday, and he IS IDENTICAL to one of my friends from home. It scared me a bit, in all honesty.

7 at heart

And then Sunday… Sunday was Bill’s birthday, so we went to his (really really nice) house and had carrot cake and got to watch everyone dance. And now I’m doing homework and studying for exams that are coming up. Fun fun. But MY birthday is in one week! Hooray! I will no longer be made fun of for being the baby (which I get a lot of, especially last night)! Dear parents, don’t you feel old? 😛


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