Electronic Beats and Travels


San Juan Del Sur


This weekend proved to be packed with events. After a trife Thursday of not having a ride and missing Christian’s birthday (sorry!!) Friday night brought the Bonanza! which was a big Electronic music concert with DJs Zero Cash (!!) and Maral Salmassi from Germany and Momotombo and Revuelta Sonora de Nicaragua. It was a lot of fun and made me realize how much I miss going to shows!! So glad I’m going to go see Broken Social Scene in Montreal when I get back! But the DJs were super good and there were a lot of people and it was in this cool set up outside so it wasn’t super hot like Nica usually is 🙂

Here are links here and here and here to video that I took during the show! Sorry, it’s a bit bumpy, but its fun to see the lights and hear the great music!


Art class hanging out at Bonanza!!



Zero Cash!!! (photo cred to Celia)



Bonanza poster!


Then L, B, M and I got up and took a bus to San Juan Del Sur! I can finally say I’ve been! But we got a nice bus that took us to Rivas in 1.5 hours with no stopping! Yay express! Then we went to SJDS, wandered around and found some place to stay for $10 and had a lot of fun. I met people from New Zealand, Austrailia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway (Nica also, of course) in the course of 24 hours; they were all great and somehow all of us stayed up til sunrise and got to go swimming in the very early morning! I love love LOVE meeting people from all over (miss you Sophie and Max!!). Fun fact of the day: my last name means “body” in Swedish. Who knew? Haha. It’s amazing the community you have in San Juan. I’ve heard its a huge expat destination, but the girls and I only met one other American, who happens to be from New York and have friends in Burlington! But before meeting everyone, we saw an amazing sunset as we ate dinner at a place on the beach 🙂


Sunset on the Pacific


We didn’t get to actually hang out on the beach today though, as it was very cloudy. We took a chicken bus back to MGA and that was my weekend! Hope you are all enjoying the rain/snow that has hit the northeast! Or if you aren’t residing there I hope you are doing well 😀

But I’m definitely in love with Nicaragua. I want to come back so badly already, and I haven’t even left. It’s so strange how after you get over the shock of things being completely different how you can become so attached. Although I’m still not in love with the heat and am missing VT fall…


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