Good Thing We Brought Oreos Instead of Raincoats to Mombacho.

So we started our journey to Granada Friday night. L, B, M and I took a bus to Granada to Karla’s house!! We grabbed her and went for Ice Cream on La Caldaza, the main bar/touristy section.

Photo Cred to Karla

Talked ’til too late and went to bed ready to get up at 730! Of course that didn’t happen, but we did get up at 8ish and got ready to go after eating some awesome pancakes with REAL MAPLE SYRUP. Yes. Real. I was very very happy. We headed out to Mombacho and it was nice and sunny. However Karla’s Grandpa’s car broke on the way up, so we had to hike to where the bus takes you to the top. We got there right on time, but it turns out they run on Nica time too, so we had to wait a half hour before the bus left.

Photo Cred to Bri

We finally trekked up to about half way, where we stopped for a coffee break and then continued to the top.

I feel like everyone took a picture of this haha

As soon as we got there it started to drizzle, but we were there and wanted to hike, so off we went on the shorter trail. There was a tunnel in the trail and we had a lot of fun fooling around and trying to climb it.

Maria getting her climbing fix

It started getting foggier and raining a bit harder, but we made it most of the way around the trail to the lookout when it started pouring!

The great view of clouds at the lookout

So much for seeing Las Isletas from the top! We had oreos and booked it back to the hut, sopping wet! We had to wait until the rain stopped ’til we could head back down, and of course as soon as we got back to Karla’s it was picture perfect sunny.



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