An Ode to UVM Classes…

I have this thing about picking classes for the next semester. It makes me really happy. I have no idea why. But Maria and I have been waiting for the past month for classes to come out. And they finally did about a week ago and now I’m freaking out.


Consumers, Markets, & Public Policy – CDAE127

MacroEcon for Applied Economists – CDAE 253

Spanish.. Either Advanced Language or 20-21st Century Poetry of Spain ❤

Honors Thesis Prep (…ugh)

CALS Junior Honors Seminar


I can’t decide between Community Transformation and Community Organization and Development (171 vs. 218)

AND I have to take another stupid honors course for CALS..don’t know which

AND, me being psycho and liking to take advantage of my credits, seeing as taking everything above is only 15 (…I know, I know), I kind of want to take Creative Writing  or another English class like The Beat Generation or Austen: Page to Film… Although these might not happen because I’d be super busy and I’m coming off a semester of everything being super easy. But I’ll probably just end up TAing and taking the class that goes with that. Boo. I guess I’ll save the fun class for senior year. Hopefully.


My schedule..will slightly suck. 8AM on MW? Gross. But necessary. But only 1 class on Friday and unless I take an extra class, only 1 on TR. Not tooo shabby. More time for playing on the radio and work. And I’ll just be busy all the time. But I kind of like it that way 🙂

(Also, time change while studying abroad makes registering in November in while its only 7AM for UVMers it’ll be 5 (..or 6 depending on time change) for me. Blech.)


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