Seeing as there is only a month left…

This realization that I will be on a plane a month from now is kind of freaking me out. When did all this time go by? I surely didn’t notice. Anyways, as Maria and I sit here in our beds we are going to list everything that we miss about home (because, yes, we are a bit excited to come back) and more importantly everything we are going to miss about Nica!


Going home means:

  • Eating things like this...and this. And this. And this and this and this. Ok done, sorry.
  • Snow.
  • Friends & Family
  • Washing Machines & Dryers!
  • Streets with names
  • My (alyssa’s) car….or just reliable transportation in general
  • Activities such as snowboarding, frisbee, running around, etc.
  • A serious lack of mosquitos
  • Our beds!
  • Apartments in Burlington!!
  • CONCERTS (having serious withdrawals)



Leaving Nica means we’ll miss:

  • The great friends we’ve made here
  • Toña and Flor de Caña. Seriously.
  • Alyssa will no longer be able to go out.
  • The little schoolwork we have (I feel we will miss this more when we are swamped next semester with thesis prep and 18 credits each. blech)
  • The excitement of getting on busses… -Maria
  • Warm weather
  • cheek kisses hello and goodbye
  • Spanish….well this is debatable.
  • Spanish music when we go out and in taxis and on TV
  • Catcalls…haha JUST KIDDING.
  • Dancing
  • Cordobas (they are prettier than USD)
  • Volcanoes and beaches
  • Gallo pinto and tamarin juice and plantains and churros and tostones and Eskimo and Fridays’ Oreo Madness
  • Having the bus cost 50 cents to get to Lynds and Bri’s
  • Conversing with random people on busses in Spanish and having them understand you

I’m sure there are lots more, but those are all we can think of right now. This whole last month is going to be very bittersweet.


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