Kings, Queens, Giving and Thanks.

This is our family in Nica, not our host ones.

So the past week has been a bit of a rush, from finishing up classes to taking finals/writing papers it’s been the last stretch for school (I only have one final left!) Thursday (actual Turkey Day) left me and Maria having a paper due for History and her having an exam. So Friday we decided to have our own Thanksgiving in Nicaragua (with a couple twists). We went to the store and bought a bunch of supplies to make lasagna, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and apple pie (there was absolutely no pumpkin!) There was turkey, but seeing as how I don’t eat it and Maria didn’t really feel like cooking it, we opted for a vegetarian meal (woo!) After Maria took a nap we started to cook.

Surprisingly, everything turned out fairly well 🙂 with leftovers and the apple pie being quite good. And it was ridiculously cheap for us all overall. And it was definitely the most food I have had in a day since… July.


Earlier last week was also the King/Queen pageant-thing for UAM. Essentially each faculty picks a king and queen for their department, and they compete against each other to become king and queen of the whole university. The weeks leading up to it you have them fundraising and pictures of them are all over campus, etc. The big event was at Moods, which is one of the more upscale discotechs/clubs. It was ridiculously loud as each facultad had horns and in some cases bands and yelling to promote their king/queen. The competitors danced, answered questions… to be honest it was a bit ridiculous and I got a big kick out of it. No way would UVM be caught doing anything close to it. O, and Medicine ended up winning.


Bad picture..but this it was very full and too dark for photos

Other than that, for my art class final we have to make a children’s story (written in Spanish and self illustrated). We went to Aproquen, which is a part of the hospital that helps (mainly) children with burns from impoverished families. We went over and brought crayons and played with them, and got to see the inside workings of it. It was super sad but really nice to help out.

Playing in the waiting room

And so begins my last two weeks in Nicaragua. I can’t believe it is almost done. It’s amazing how time flies.


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