Last week abroad: Beach. Despedidas. Goodbyes.

So it’s Sunday, and today and tomorrow are my last days here in Nicaragua. It’s amazing how fast this experience truly went. I remember packing for coming here, getting ready to get on the plane, being so nervous about what was going to happen. And then everything that has happened (which you’ve all seen documented here). It’s crazy, and I feel I have grown so much and learned a ton. But I’m going to tell you what we’ve been up to before I get all sappy.

We finished exams, got our grades, and Voila! We all passed everything. Hooray! We had to say goodbye to Bri on the 7th, and her despedida (going away party) was bittersweet. Seeing her count down the days and pack really hit hard. We miss you Bri!

Chicas ❤

After our farewells, we had planned to go to Corn Islands on the opposite coast of the country…buttt it was really far away and a lot of money so we opted to go to San Juan del Sur, which we’ve been to before, but stay for three days/two nights. We started off going to Granada to pick up Karla and hang out for La Purisima, which is a holiday in Nicaragua that celebrates the Conception of Mary. In Granada they carried a statue down a road packed with people and vendors selling food. It was a bit ridiculous. We were supposed to go to Leon and hang out there because apparently people there go house to house and get fruit and Nica candy (think Halloween ..minus all the witch and demon/devil stuff…so really the opposite with the exception of the trick or treating bit). We planned to leave early, so we got up at 6AM (gross!) and headed towards the bus. Good thing the bus didn’t leave ’til around 8AM. Solid waiting time. But then we took the bus to Rivas, transfered to one to San Juan and got there in time to catch a shuttle to the beach! The first one we went to was pretty deserted, but it was so beautiful! And the weather was perfect!


We were staying at a hostel, and they offered turtle excursions so then we went on one of those later in the night. It was really cool, but really really long. We got to see babies and help them into the sea; see the mom turtles come up onto the beach, dig a hole, lay her eggs and return. On this excursion we met a group from Holland and hung out with them after! What I like about San Juan is the ability to meet so many different people from so many different places: I know it’s seen as super touristy, but you meet awesome people from all over as well as locals.

Baby tortugas!!

USA & Holland invade SJDS

The next day we went to another beach, and this one was populated with a ton of surfers. It was gorgeous and we spent the whole day there. We ran into the Holland guys again and they pretty much peer pressured me into trying to surf, so I said what the heck and had them tell me how to get up and we went out. Much harder than it looks. Fun though! 🙂

Sunset on the Pacific

Last night was our despedida. And it was super sad to see some of my friends here for the last time. The hardest thing about coming here is making tons of new friends and leaving them here while I go back home.. ¡Voy a extrañar todos! I’m trying not to think about it. More later.


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