The Perks of Studying Abroad

The semester is already shaping up to be awesome. Minus the whole writing a thesis thing (which is stressful), hanging out with all these new kids and reconnecting with people has been amazing. & this is mostly because a bunch of the people I haven’t seen in a while (over a year!) is because they studied abroad in the Spring whereas I went in the fall. Which also means that 100X more people have study abroad stories to share and understand everything that I went through like I understand them. And it’s awesome.


Last days of summer in the BTV

Besides that, my thesis in on communities in St. Lucia, so I get to go visit/do research/vacation? for two weeks in early January. So pumped! Although this is probably going to be the most challenging part of my undergrad career, I’m really excited to be challenged in a way that is intellectually stimulating rather than having a hard time because the professors are horrid or that I’m bored (which has happened a lot surprisingly. What happened to college being the best education?) But besides that being a senior is a bit nerve wracking. I keep getting questions about my next year and I, of course, have no idea (well, kind of. see below). And my response, you ask? “I’m running on Nica time, it’ll happen when it happens.”

Far fetched, random aspirations for life after college (these are most likely going to change and/or never happen, but dreams!):

  • Travel the world!!!!!
  • Ok, more realistically, maybe lead a group of high school students to a foreign country during the summer (travel and get paid sonnnnn)
  • Intern for (/I would love to work for): 1. Charity:Water  2. TOMS shoes
  • Americorp? Teach for America? Peace Corp?  These seem more plausible, as I had a TfA meeting the other day and the guys was like SIGN UP DAMNIT. so.
  • Travel the world (seriously)
  • Grad school: King’s College in London? UCL? Sweden? McGill? Hmmm.
So yeah. Here’s to senior year!

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