Free day in ES

Heyo –

So Saturday we had a free day (all of our interviews were completed on Friday). This meant that we could explore the countryside a little bit!

ImageWhile waiting for my two colleagues, I went with our local consultant and our driver to get gas in our rented silver 4×4. Pulling into the gas station, they were having computer difficulties and couldn’t get the gas to work (typical!) We had to drive around the roundabouts and go in the opposite direction to finally get to a spot without complications.


We then picked up the two and headed to a park that is home to three (!) volcanoes and a lake. We got to walk around one of the dormant craters and learn about the hotel that was abandoned on top (mostly due to the volcano across the way not exploding anymore). You can also see Guatemala from the top of the volcano…it’s funny, El Salvador just seems so small in comparison to these other countries.


After we went from the volcano and to the lake you can see from the top. Essentially we were on an island in a lake that is in the crater of a volcano… Pretty cool!

Got into Nicaragua today. It’s complete deja vu.. I haven’t been here since I studied abroad (and the start of this blog!) so seeing MetroCentro and places we all used to eat is a bit strange. ‘Til later then… enjoy the photos!





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