So this is a current and back log of all the things I’ve wanted to do while traveling in certain places. Whether from study abroad, a class during college, or personal trips, you’ll find all you need to know about me here (mostly).


During my LAC tdy for work:

  1. Grab more music to add to my Spanish collection
  2. Take lots of photos, working on portraits and lighting
  3. Really work on my Spanish, because it’s disgustingly rusty
  4. Run everyday (this is more a long term goal..)
  6. Explore on the weekends when I have a day off


Work trip to Chad:

  1. Not get killed (from heat/malaria/etc). Check


This is a list of things to do while in St. Lucia. Not as exciting as Nicaragua’s list, but I’m also only there for two weeks.

  1. Collect all the data for my thesis. The most important. Duh. Check!
  2. Explore the island. It’s only 27mi by 15 mi. Hah.Check, considering I circled it twice in two days.
  3. Meet a bunch of St. Lucians. Make connections. You know. Fail.
  4. Learn about their culture and style of life, but also learn about the development process and political bullshit that I’m actually really interested in (nerd alert). Half-Check


This is a list on things I want to do while I’m abroad in Nicaragua. Hopefully I’ll get most of them done and be able to cross them off while adding more as I go.

  1. Actually go abroad. Completed 8/1/10
  2. Become semi-fluent in Spanish (this is more difficult than it sounds, as most people try to talk to us in English)
  3. Learn to surf (Well I went in mid December 2010…wouldn’t say I learned though)
  4. Go to lots & lots of places!
  5. Visit the Pacific ocean. Completed 9/5/10.
  6. See turtles! December 2010!! So great!
  7. Come up with a thesis idea (…hah..) (I have an idea!! Need to check up on it though…so partially completed 9/16/10)
  8. Volunteer teaching english/working at orphanage/something along those lines
  9. Do well in my classes so that they can transfer back and actually count towards something Hooray! Everything transfered AND 3 of them counted toward my major…baller Completed 12/2010
  10. Go to a nature reserve Completed 8/22
  11. Hike a volcano Completed 8/22
  12. Take lots of pictures Completed 12/15
  13. Make friends so reminiscing/visiting other new places is possible. Made 8/17/10…haha 🙂

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